The quartet formed around the young redhead singer Marithé came together in 2014 on the bandstands of Berlin. The band has the common goal to create hard swinging and atmospherically dense music. The music is rooted in the jazz tradition, but it is not their priority to copy the American style of playing. Instead, the group focuses on the European origins of the four band members. In doing so, they breathe new life into medieval European folk songs, pop songs and a jazz standard here and there, as well as focusing on their own compositions. The band members enjoy sitting together writing lyrics while having a hot chocolate. Extensive touring and hiking in Belgium made the base for a strong personal connection between the musicians.

This is the Marithé Van der Aa Quartet:

Marithé Van der Aa was born in Belgium and raised in England but her heart beats to the northern rhythms of Scandinavian jazz. Not only is she an exceptional vocalist, but also turns every show into a fabulous visual experience with her glamorous stage outfits. No path is too shady, no tune too fast and no meter too odd for our brave singer. When she is not on stage she enjoys delighting her friends with her enormous knowledge of random useless facts.

Singer Marithé Van der Aa
Daniel Schwarzwald on Piano

Daniel Schwarzwald, our curly odd meter fetishist, is a gifted composer and versatile pianist combining humor and virtuosity in his playing. Every tune he turns into an outburst of emotion and energy. Hailing from the Jerusalem jazz scene Daniel flavors our music with the sound of hummus and falafel. All he needs to get his juices flowing is a cup of Joppiesaus.

As the poet and sound painter of the band Jonathan Nagel constantly strives to balance the sounds of purring cats and crashing cars. In times of uncertainty, the bassist never hesitates to enhance the confusion. Every night when the other band members have already retired to their bed chambers, Jonathan is always up for a party alone.

Jonathan Nagel on Double Bass
Andreas Kunert on Drums

Andreas Kuhnert is our Berlin-born sweet tooth of the band. If music was a cake, he would be the flour: the key ingredient. With his strong traditional background Andreas never fails to make people shake what their momma gave them.